Scandinavian Skincare Academy


Wherever you are in the world, Scandinavian Skincare Academy’s e-learning resources provide a wealth of study and teaching materials to underpin students’ knowledge and to help lecturers deliver flexible and appropriate tuition.

Our e-learning resources are delivered via the internet enabling you to benefit from:

  • clear, structured content mapped to learning outcomes and core curriculum
  • 24/7 access allowing use in college or at home
  • self-directed study that helps tailor guided learning hours to students’ needs
  • supporting functionality to direct class objectives and monitor progress  



Our unique Fast Track ITEC course options award both ITEC international diplomas and Scandinavian Skincare Academy diplomas up to level 4. The courses will allow you to commence the study in your own country at home supported by e-learning for theory, preparation and practical work.

Our e-learning platform includes our own Intranet, Skype one-to-one’s with your own English-speaking Scandinavian tutor, web seminars, learning videos and more. 

After 18-20 weeks study at home you will come to our academy in the Cotswolds, England for 16-22 days to complete all of the practical study and for the examination.