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Micro-needling & Chemical Peels

Combination Nano-Crystal Micro-Needling & Chemical Peels

For fine lines and pigmentation problems short downtime treatments such as Dermarollers are fast becoming popular in the majority of clinics worldwide. These treatments the added benefit of offering a solution to hair loss, stretch marks and cellulite, and so it is a definite skill that will add value to your clinical practice.

Our course will focus on a combination of micro-needling & chemical peels which are especially efficient after a client has received a dermal filler treatment. This is a natural progression to help improve the skin’s quality, colour and tone.  

Part 1 - Nano-Crystal Micro-Needling

Course Content

  • Microneedling treatment theory
  • Microneedling practical on three treatment areas
  • Theory revision and written examination

Micro-needling stimulates into new tissues, collagen and elastin fibers and increases blood circulation which makes acne scars, scar tissue and wrinkles smoother and more elastic.

The course includes practical treatment procedures and theoretical knowledge of skin structure and function, cosmetic ingredient learn, light therapy, skin care for treatment of:

  • Anti-age / fine lines and sun damage
  • Acne / coarse pores
  • Scars
  • Increased hair growth

Theory and procedure of micro needling / dermarolling. Participants practice on each other.

Part 2 - Chemical Peels

An introduction to Chemical peels containing theoretical and practical protocol and skills needed to complete a custom chemical peel procedure with BHA and AHA peels and is a preparatory course for TCA peel. On the course teaches the student to complete a chemical peel / treatment dedicated client's skin type, physiological aging and create a professional follow-up with home treatment. The course concludes with an assessment of skills undertaken with internal evaluative endangers forms.


Chemical peels and cosmecuticals

Chemical Peels for Nurses

Diploma Course in chemical peeling with mild to medium deep AHA / BHA and TCA. The course examines the combination treatments tailored to client's skin type and quality and physiological aging process. Course theory part is taken in advance of practice and consists of ITEC Level 4 advanced skincare theory.

Practice seminar runs over two days and theory at the forefront has an approximately reading time of 8-12 weeks. Suitable for nurses who want to start within the beauty industry, and is a platform to build on other advanced skin treatments at level 4 level (bachelor level).


The MÖ NeedleDerm

The MÖ NeedleDerm uses micro-needle therapy which is a natural way to increase the production of collagen with little injury to the skin and is effective for treating wrinkles, pigmentation, improving complexion and promoting skin elasticity.

The MÖ NeedleDerm uses gamma-sterilized surgical steel micro-needles which can be adjusted from 0.25mm to 2.0mm. The multiple needles make tiny holes that heal very rapidly and the procedure triggers collagen production helping to re-model scars. The MÖ NeedleDerm is ideal for larger areas with acne scars or wide stretch marks.



4 days at our academy


Theory (e-learning)

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Our practical sessions are limited to six (6) delegates per course as we offer a personal focus and attention 


Course Fee

  • £1,400 (Part 1 & 2 combined)
  • Option to take Part 1 only (£750)
  • Students are responsible for the cost of travel, accommodation, food & beverage, textbooks, uniform and exam



  • Part 1: Nurse / Dermatologist
  • Part 2: Nurse or Dermatologist passed preparatory courses in Anatomy / Physiology Part 1,2,4,5 and 7


Info for Overseas Delegates

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MÖ DermaPen

We use MÖ equipment from Scandinavian Skincare Systems in England.

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